Updating dns pointers

Your clients will now start asking the DNS not only for IPv4 addresses, but also for IPv6 addresses. It can still answer questions about IPv6 addresses.Here’s an example where I ask my local name server for the IPv6 address of If you are using a hosted DNS with a web management frontend, you have to look into the documentation for that server.To finish, you have to update some records at your DNS host or domain registrar.The setup wizard tells you exactly which records to update, including the values you'll need for each one, and guides you through the steps.Well, you don't have to do this—unless other people use your domain for email.In that case, you must set up Office 365 mailboxes for each of those people.First, the original touchscreen-based client which started in OCS on the CX700 and was updated for Lync.

When you feel safe with the IPv6 support, you move it back to bilbo.In the next step of the setup wizard, you can quickly add users (and update any current users) while you're adding your domain.Why add or update users while you're setting up your domain?That gets them to generate a PTR in the "Reverse Lookup Zones" in the appropriate scope, however, once they change IP addresses, they do not update unless I go through the process again.As you could guess, that is quite tedious and annoying.

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