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The Law Bot team ends the pilot project, increases team size and funding, and commits to developing a generally intelligent legal assistant.

Elexirr understands every type of legal claim from all common law jurisdictions and correctly predicts the outcome of the case with an unprecedented accuracy of 71% - a first on this scale.

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For example “I” should be pronounced “capitalize i”.

The sales agent knew who the customer was—even before she mentioned use of our solution—because he pulled up customer details and used them to make the conversation more personal. TIP: Ensure that your sales / service training includes how to be helpful in situations like this.

What’s the follow-up process needed, and what will give the customer the best experience? The agent could have taken the easy way out, passing on the customer’s request for an email follow-up to his teammate. He took the initiative to escalate the email into a set phone meeting at a specific date and time.

you can enjoy your milkshake u:(I want a milkshake) ok, let's do it. ^same Proposal The Pepper SDK already sets everything up for you to be able to play chat topics in your Android project, including importing the required library.

Usage Allows creating several conversational contexts, making some rules active if and only if a main topic: ~introduction () language:enu u:(talk about animals) do you have a cat or a dog? u2:(yes) make sure he has enough space to run u2:(no) it is so cute u1:(cat) do you live in the countryside? u1:(yes) Cool u1:(no) OK topic: ~introduction () language: enu proposal: take a cup and fill it with milk proposal: add 3 strawberries proposal: add some vanilla ice cream proposal: close the cup with the lid and shake it proposal: you did it!

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