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Officials in the city of Dezful said they had “exploited the opportunity” presented by a lack of police in a national park to commit an “obscene act” worsened by the spread of footage online.Colonel Ali Elhami, a local police commander, told the state-controlled IRNA news agency the women “committed an action against revolutionary norms and values by riding a motorcycle”."I wanted to break the silence in Iran," Soozandeh told AFP at the Cannes film festival, where the film has been compared to Marjane Satrapi's international hit "Persepolis".

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One paper surmised that devious America had influenced the Nobel committee's decision.Nor is he likely to be welcomed home with open arms for portraying a religious judge with a taste for sadomasochism who keeps a harem of women scattered across the country's capital.But he doesn't regret for a second pulling back the veil on sexual hypocrisy and corruption he claims is at the heart of the Islamic Republic in his daring animated feature "Tehran Taboo".Sharifi accused Iranian football’s governing body of being responsible for the “unethical” cock up.Soccer is a popular sport in Iran with well established men’s and women’s leagues.

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