Vba status bar stops updating

Certain vba macros / codes take a long time to run or execute the actions required. Sometimes, there could be one or more macros which cover multiple processes and this status bar will be useful to know at which process, the macro has reached.If you have turned off screen updating using the line Application. Situation: The macro we are going to create fills Range("A1: E20") with random numbers.When this occurs, the progress bar might be moving very slowly or seem like it isn't moving.

You can use it to display the progress of a VBA procedure, or indicate that the procedure is complete.For information on what memory is needed, please see our page on memory problems.Other than not having enough memory on a PC, the most likely cause of problems are too many add-ins running. COM add-ins are compiled add-ins, and often have memory conflicts with Excel.If you are running one of our add-ins, they normally will complete any task in just a few minutes.Most will complete their tasks in just a few seconds.

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